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Scholarship II

General Instructions and Information

Download instructions: 2021 Scholarship II Application Instructions will be available April 2021

Applicant's Eligibility:

  • Must be college freshman or above
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 units

You need to address all five (5) criteria to be considered for a scholarship. Each applicant must include:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Essay Questions* covering the following topics (max 500 words per question; spelling and grammar will be taken into consideration. Please have your name AND date on the document):  
    1. How did your 4-H experiences influence your career aspirations and desire to pursue higher education?
    2. Describe in detail the community service, volunteer and/or extra-curricular activities you have performed in the last 12 months, inside and outside of the 4-H Youth Development Program
    3. What strengths and leadership skills have you gained through the 4-H Youth Development Program?
  3. Transcript*: most recent transcript (downloaded transcript is acceptable)
  4. Resume* (4-H or another format) Find the 4-H template here: http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Members/4-H_Resumes/
  5. At least three Letter(s) of Recommendation
    • College related - teacher, professor, counselor, or staff member, someone familiar with the student’s current schooling.
    • Community related - 4-H leader, community service advisor, etc.
    • A personal reference from a non-related adult.

*You may upload essay questions, transcript and resume via the online application.  If possible, please upload pdf versions of the documents.

In general, scholarships are awarded based on achievement (both academic and contributions to the community as demonstrated by the student’s work, 4-H ideals, and goals) and capacity for learning from experience, hard work, and perseverance. Scholarships are not awarded on financial need. First time applicants and re-applicants who have not received a Scholarship II Award previously will be considered first for funding. Then, re-applicants who have previously received a Scholarship II Award will be considered, subject to funds available. Re-applicants must apply in full each year.

Scholarships will be awarded on:

  • 30% Essay questions
  • 20% Resume
  • 20% Letters of Recommendation
  • 25% Community Service, Volunteerism and/or Extracurricular Activities over the last 12 months
  • 5% Transcripts (High grade point average is not essential)
Application Links

Online application: 

  • Online Application: available April 2021
    • Enter applicant's information
    • Enter list of community service, volunteer and/or extra-curricular activities (in the last 12 months)
    • Upload essay questions (format pdf)
    • Upload transcript (format pdf)
    • Upload resume (format pdf)
  • Online Recommendation - please provide your references that you’ve chosen with this survey link to upload and submit their recommendations: available April 2021


  • Scholarship II recipients will be informed in August.
  • Visit our Facebook and Instagram (@sanmateosf4h) for our winners in late August.
  • We will also announce our winners at the September County Council meeting.

Scholarship money will be distributed to recipients upon proof of enrollment in at least 6 units.