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Presentation Day and Interview Contest (Details)


Public speaking is an invaluable skill that all 4-H'ers learn during their participation in the program. Presentation Day is a fun opportunity for 4-H members to showcase their knowledge in a subject of their choosing. 4-H'ers prepare a presentation that is judged on subject knowledge, presentation, organization, voice, manner and appearance, clarity, and the ability to answer questions. This is one of a very few countywide events that 4-H holds during our program year. Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year.

Youth participants: please refer to the updated Presentation Manual (revised January 2021) as a guide when planning your presentation.

NEW in the Presentation Manual

Need help deciding on a topic or type of presentation? Use our new worksheet to help you brainstorm, narrow down your topics, and prepare your presentation.

Creating a Presentation Worksheet (fillable PDF)

This event will be held virtually via Zoom (March 12. 2022). Registration details and volunteer opportunities can be found in links below.


Time Event
10:00 AM - 12 NOON Interview Contest
12:00 NOON - 12:30 PM Primary Event
1:00 PM - 3:30 PM Presentations

Print out of the written details and instructions can be found in this pdf file.

Youth Registration

Youth Registration for presenters, interviewees, room hosts, junior judges and primary event participants.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 26, 2022 by 6:00 PM: https://forms.gle/2rKEqWu5LkXXReD29

Presentation General Information

What is a 4-H presentation? Presentation Day is amazing in that it's both fun AND offers the chance for life changing skill development among our member community. A presentation may be a demonstration, a talk, a speech, or a skit. A 4-H Presentation helps you learn to:

  • Research a subject
  • Organize ideas in a logical order
  • Share your spark or your passion
  • Practice public speaking skills

4-H'ers age 5 and up come to share what they know - about rabbit fur types, how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, read aloud a favorite poem, challenge themselves with impromptu presentations, speak about a poster they've created, interview for jobs, dance, sing and more. 

What can I present? Think about demonstrating or talking about something you have learned related to a 4-H project or a skill or talent that you have.  A presentation is simply sharing your knowledge of a topic with others.  Or maybe you would like to perform an interpretive reading. Whatever you do, you will develop the confidence to you feel comfortable being in front of people. Get started now. Your project leaders can help in selecting and preparing your presentation.

Categories: Categories are open to all age groups - Junior (ages 9-10), Intermediate (ages 11-13), and Senior (ages 14-18)*, except for the Impromptu Speech which is open to only Intermediate and Senior members.

  • Demonstration/Illustrated Talk
  • Science or Engineering Presentation
  • Educational Display Talk
  • Informative Prepared Speech
  • Persuasive Prepared Speech
  • Impromptu Speech - 2022 Impromptu Categories (PDF)
  • Interpretive Reading
  • Share the 4-H Fun Skit
  • Cultural Arts

* Age as of 12/31/21

Why should you participate? Everyone has to speak in public as they grow up - either to share information, or persuade, request engagement of others, or interview for a job. It can be scary, but not if you start young, and/or have the chance to hone these skills before pitching something truly significant (like fulfilling a dream: why you should buy me a puppy, take me to Disneyland, or buy me a car;  OR having to get over a hurdle in a career context: securing a job, or admission to a program, etc.)  This Presentation Event brings together both people who want to present, from kids 5 years old and up, to people who want to practice their interviewing skills at the Interview Contest.

Interview Contest General Information

The Interview Contest gives 4-H members an opportunity to practice the real-life skills needed to apply for a job. Participants prepare a resumé and cover letter for a job in their age category.

Step 1: Choose a job.

Choose one of the three jobs listed in your age category. Please download the full job descriptions: 2022 Job Descriptions

  • Junior (9-10 years old): Dog Walker, Recycling Assistant, Lost & Found Assistant
  • Intermediate (11-13 years old): Pet Zoo Helper, Museum Game Attendant, Book Reader
  • Senior (14-18 years old): Retirement Home Assistant, Park Ranger Assistant, Lunch Program Assistant

* Age as of 12/31/21

Step 2: Develop a resumé.

Include real-life experiences (education, work, activities, etc.) that demonstrate your qualifications for the job selected.

Step 3: Write a cover letter.

Your cover letter should explain why you should be considered for the job selected.

Step 4: Register for the contest: Youth Registration link above.

Step 5: Upload your cover letter and resumé (must be uploaded by 5:00 PM on March 11 - no late submissions will be accepted): https://surveys.ucanr.edu/survey.cfm?surveynumber=36713

Step 6: Prepare for your interview.

Review the tips, interview questions, judging rubrics, and supporting materials provided in the California 4-H Interview Contest Manual to prepare for your interview.

Step 6: Show-up for your interview.

You will receive your interview time after registration closes.

Dress appropriately for the interview - Appropriate dress includes 4-H uniform or attire appropriate for a job interview as outlined in the Interview Contest Manual.

Evaluation Results

The results for 4-H presentation, interview contest and junior judging contest were announced at the Award Ceremony on March 28 just before County Council (6:30 - 7:00 PM).

Blue and Gold winners for presentation will be eligible to present at the Regional Presentation Day (Virtual Dates: April 9 to April 23). Blue and gold winners from the Regional Presentation Day will be eligible to present at the State Presentation Day (Virtual Dates: May 11 to May 22; In-Person: May 28 at UC Davis).



Competition Coordinators: Angela Apple (anginsanfran2@gmail.com) and Mimi Powers (mimirpowers@aol.com).

4-H Program Staff: Zeva Cho, smsf4h@ucanr.edu