4-H in San Mateo/San Francisco Counties
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4-H in San Mateo/San Francisco Counties

Your Time Makes the Difference



As a 4-H volunteer you can:

- Pass on your skills and passions to young people

- Have a positive impact on the future generation

- Encourage youth to follow their sparks

- Apply your knowledge through hands-on learning 

Our programs are proven to work, but they depend on the passions and devotion of our volunteers. Everything we do is a direct result of the help we get from our young people and adults alike. Join us today and become a part of the Revolution of Responsibility


How to Volunteer

Visit our Volunteer Positions Page to explore 4-H volunteer roles and see where your interests might fit.

Click here to learn how to become a 4-H volunteer today.

Volunteer FAQs

Other opportunities to support 4-H youth

Can't volunteer? That's ok! Visit our Donations Page to see how your tax-deductible donation can support life changing youth programing.

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