Fuller Park Self Guided Tree Walk & Image Map Page 
560 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94559
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Canary Island Date Palm Blue Atlas Cedar Coast Redwood Norway Spruce English Elm Eastern Tulip Tree Deodar Cedar Giant Sequoia Mexican Fan Palm Coast Live Oak Eastern Redbud Photinia Lawson Cypress Western Red Cedar English Yew Raywood Ash Incense Cedar Japanese Loquat Silver Maple Red Maple Norway Maple Olive Tarata Bunya Bunya Dawn Redwood Red Horsechestnut Northern Red Oak Chinese Hackberry Scarlet Oak Washington Hawthorn London Plane/Sycamore Chitalpa California Fan Palm Bald Cypress Cork Oak Chinese Windmill Palm American Sweetgum Carob Dolgo Crabapple Ginkgo


  • Fuller Park is on the ‘National Register of Historic Places’
  • Originally known as “Campbell’s Grove” consisting of ½ playing field & ½ orchard 
  • Napa’s football and baseball teams held their contests there
  • In 1905 10.8 acres purchased for $12,000 by a public supported bond and turned into a public park named “Oak Street Park”
  • Name changed to “Fuller Park” in 1919 to honor C.H. ‘Jack’ Fuller the Napa mayor involved in its acquisition
  • More than sixty species of trees are to be found in the park
  • At present several of the Coast Redwoods are over sixty feet in height and are in the seventy year old age bracket.


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