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What is an IDP?

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IDP form (download; fillable PDF)
Why plan your career?
If you don’t plan your career, who will? You spend a good amount of time and energy at work so why not ensure job satisfaction and realize your career goals?
Engaging in career development entails learning new things which can energize and motivate you, enhance your job satisfaction, allow you to keep job skills fresh and current, prepare you for change, give you long-term employability, expand your professional network and give personal enrichment.
UC ANR benefits from an engaged and competent you, willing to meet challenges in technology, interpersonal communication, project management, and many other demands in an environment where we continually respond to change.
So, if there are skills or expertise you’d like to learn that would make you feel more successful, accomplished and competent, it is time to prepare an Individual Development Plan (IDP).
What is an IDP?
IDP form (download; fillable PDF)
An IDP is your career action roadmap for skill building, professional development and career management, created after careful assessment by the employee and their supervisor. It is documented to provide you with:
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  • A plan that outlines your long-term career goals, improvement of current job performance, and what steps to take to meet those goals
  • A personalized plan that reflects your career objectives, whether you are planning for professional development, promotional opportunities or retirement in the next few years
  • Records needed to obtain resources, (e.g., scholarships, fee assistance or training funds)
  • Provide a timetable for accomplishing goals
When creating an IDP you will contemplate the following:
  • Those strengths that if enriched will contribute to your general career goals
  • New skills that will expand work performance
  • Performance areas that need improvement
  • Most workplace learning happens on the job, not in the classroom. Therefore, an effective IDP combines learning by doing, learning from others, classes, and e-learning activities

Why create an IDP?
IDP form (download; fillable PDF)
Individual development planning benefits the individual and the organization by linking employee development and training with the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization. It provides employees responsibility for career development and an opportunity to be accountable in obtaining or enhancing the proficiencies needed to keep current in required skills.
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Using an IDP also gives supervisors the opportunity to gain better understanding of an employee’s professional goals, strengths, and development needs which results in more realistic staff development plans.