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Deploying Calendar Asset

Creating a calendar asset

Once you've created or accepted events, you can deploy the calendar asset onto a page. Go to the page where you want your events to be listed and create a new calendar asset.

The new calendar asset

The newly created asset will include several options.

  • Show Asset Title: This toggle allows you to display the asset title above the event list.
  • Add Calendar Items: You can either show all events, or you can select a group or combination of groups for display. Calendar items that were shared with your site will only show up if showing all events.
  • Number of Items to Display: Select how many events to display in the list. If there are more events, a link to view all events will appear under the list.
  • Highlight Location: You can add a calendar highlight to the asset, and you can determine if it should be on top of or underneath of the list.
  • Current Event List: Shows all of the events that will be shown in the asset based on the calendar items you've selected.
  • Highlight Event: Check an event to make it the highlighted event.

Calendar asset public view

This shows a view of what a calendar asset will look like with one highlighted event displaying above the list. Since there are more than five events, the "View More Events" link appears automatically.

Individual Event Display

A single event display will show the information I added to the event when creating it. It will also have a link back to the page associated with the calendar asset.

Event reminder section

At the bottom of the single event display, users will be able to request a reminder about the event as well as download an iCalendar file with the event details. iCalendar files will automatically add events to many calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook.