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Creating a Datastore

Creating a new Datastore

If you've decided to take the plunge and create a Datastore, the following section will help you get started. However, ANR personnel are encouraged to contact Dave Krause or Kevin Taniguchi prior to diving in. How you create your Datastore can drastically affect the way the data is displayed and what kinds of reports you'll be able to run. Not discouraged? Then let us take a moment to salute you.

After clicking on the "Datastore" link under "Assets" in the left navigation menu of Site Builder, you'll will see a list of any Datastores available on the site and a button to "Create New Datastore" on the blue sub-navigation menu. Enter a name for your Datastore and click the button to continue.

Datastore Options

There are only a few options that control the entire Datastore.

  • Datastore Name: Don't like the name? You can change it at anytime.
  • Allow Attached File: This is an *old* Datastore feature that we've included so as not to break old Datastores. Enabling this will allow you to add one file to each record. Since you have full use of the File Library, this field is no longer the only way to display files.
  • Picture Field: Like the option above, this, too, is an older option. It will turn a "Long Text" field into a picture field. If you don't have any long text fields in your Datastore, the dropdown will only have "none" as an option.
  • Picture Placement: If you are using the Picture Field option, you can use this to float the image to the left or right and wrap the text. Once again, with full use of the file library in any text field, this is no longer the only way to display files (nor the best).

Now that you've set up your Datastore, you can start adding fields!