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Body Weight and Health

Summary Research and Extension of topic areas related to body weight, its relationship to health and promotion of a healthful lifestyle.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Margaret Johns (Chair)
Unit: Kern County
Location: Cooperative Extension Kern County
1031 South Mount Vernon Avenue
Bakersfield, 93307
Membership List
AES Scientist
Stern, Judith Nutrition
  Professor Interactions of adipose cellularity and metabolism, food intake, diet, exercise, hyperinsulinemia and energetics in genetically obese rats; obesity and aging on obese rodents, alternative medicine research in asthma, allergy, and immunology
CE Advisor
Donohue, Susan Butte County
  Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor, Emeritus Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences, Food Safety
Giovanni, Maria Santa Clara County
  Nutrition Family & Consumer Science Advisor Nutrition and Food (Science, Safety and Security)
Johns, Margaret Kern County
  Nutrition Family Consumer Science Advisor, Emeritus (Retired)
Lamp, Cathi Tulare County
  Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Advisor , Emeritus Nutrition, food safety, food access, nutrition education, nutrition monitoring
Martin, Anna San Joaquin County
  Nutrition   Family   Consumer Sciences Advisor Community Nutrition Education
Metz, Diane Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Emeritus Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science Advisor, Yolo and Solano Counties Administration, human nutrition general, childhood obesity and health promotion, food security, food safety and home Food Preservation, Human and Family Relationships and Consumer Science. Also, Community Development and Leader Development.
Nicholson, Yvonne Sacramento County
  Nutrition, Family, & Consumer Sciences Advisor and Interim County Director - University Multicultural dietary food practices, resource management
Schneider, Constance Nutrition
  Youth, Families, and Communities Director Nutrition, Social Marketing, Obesity, Marketing, Administration, Evaluation
Smith, Dorothy Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Nutrition Family and Consumer Science Advisor El Dorado/Amador /Calaveras /Tuolumne Counties Nutrition
CE Specialist
Crawford, Pat Nutrition
  Cooperative Extension Specialist
Kaiser, Lucia Nutrition
  CE Nutrition Specialist Acculturation and dietary changes; ethnic food habits (particularly Latino); child feeding practices; evaluation of nutrition education
Ritchie, Lorrene Nutrition Policy Institute
  Director and Cooperative Extension Specialist
Townsend, Marilyn Nutrition
  Nutrition Education Specialist Overweight and food insecurity relationship; nutrition education research; theory driven intervention design, implementation and evaluation
Other ANR
Ginsburg, David UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program
  Director, UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program (formerly known as UC-FSNEP)
Mitchell, Rita Nutrition
  Staff Research Associate Curriculum development and staff training
Sutherland, Barbara Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)
  Program Director Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
Keim, Nancy WHNRC, USDA
  USDA Researcher dieting, metabolism and appetite in women
Other UC
Gosliner, Wendi Nutrition Policy Institute
  Project scientist Food policies and programs, food systems, children's nutrition
Membership Totals
Number of Members19
ANR Members18
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